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Order your currency online with Kanoo Travel (Rates are guaranteed until the close of business on website). Exchange rates updated Wednesday 20th November 2019 at 09.30am. They do not apply to Traveller Cheques or Cash passports. Some offices are closed on Sundays and bank holidays, in that case we will contact you on the next working day. Rates are subject to change.

Currency Kanoo Foreign Exchange
Euro 1.1480
USA 1.2700
Australia 1.8450
Bulgaria 2.1680
Canada 1.6600
China 8.5400
Czech 28.4200
Croatia 8.2550
Danish 8.2900
Hong Kong 9.6560
Hungary 365.2700
CurrencyKanoo Foreign Exchange
Japan 133.9000
Mexico 23.8300
New Zealand 1.9640
Norway 11.3550
Poland 4.7590
South Africa 18.4200
Singapore 1.6610
Switzerland 1.2390
Turkey 7.0180
Thailand 37.1000
UAE 4.5730